We’ve been making charcuterie from day 1! Not only the best way to preserve meat, but also intensifies flavour by condensing it. Charcuterie comes in all shapes, sizes and variations. Fatty loins cured with bay leaves, whole salamis flavoured with cinnamon and wild pepper. Our style takes a little longer to mature, but this develops a much more complex flavour. 



A classic with a capital C! It’s rare that you meet someone that doesn’t like bacon. We’ve all heard of the vegetarian who has momentarily lapsed for the sake of a bacon sarnie. But how easy is it come by a proper rasher? Truth is, not much. 

Our bacon is lightly smoked and matured (somewhat of a rarity nowadays) for around 10 days, depending on the weight. This let’s the salt and sugar that it’s cured in equalise a little bit and develop that little bit more flavour. This method produces a superior product to what can generally be found. Try some and see what you think.


Everybody loves a good banger, right? Some of our flavourings might sound a bit out of left field but they’ve been meticulously crafted over the past couple of years to get them just right. As with all our products, we try to let the meat we use speak for itself. But a little bit of flavouring can go a long way.