Sausages + Bacon


Sausages, Bangers, Snags, etc.

Following several conversations with our customers, a year ago we decided that making sausages was a natural progression. We had already implemented some great meat producers into our supply chain. All we needed was a great recipe. We started off with our own brand variation, and have since expanded the range of sausages to include a Cumberland which uses fresh sage (not the dried stuff that tasted like paper), and a fresh chorizo that is based on the original mexican version which contains a good glug of vinegar!

Our bacon is a classic! Gloucester Old Spot Loin that is first cured in a combination of coriander and tellicherry pepper, smothered in black molasses and then left to mature for a week in our dry curing chamber. This condenses the flavour and firms up the meat which makes a real difference to the 'bite' of the slice when it is subsequently cooked.

We remain open minded when it comes to variations of flavour so if you have your own recipe which you would like made to order get in touch using the link below and we can discuss how we could work together.