What is your delivery policy?

If your a business based in Central London we can deliver to you free of charge on Fridays using our van delivery service. Alternatively, if you're based outside of the capital, we can put put our products out fro next day delivery so long as your order is with us by 10am that day.

Are your products gluten free?

All of our charcuterie is totally gluten free, as is our bacon. Our own brand sausages are the only product we make which contains gluten. However, with a little advance notice we can replace the rusk in them with a gluten free alternative.


How do I order wholesale?

Simply call us or send us an email and we will provide you with credit application (should you need it). You can use the button below to access our contact page.


Do you use nitrites in your products?

Yes, absolutely. Nitrites are the only known way to inhibit certain potentially dangerous pathogens. They are added to some of our products in trace amounts which nevertheless means that they are enormously effective in counteracting potential toxins. It is worth noting that sodium nitrite is a naturally occurring substance that occurs in vegetables such as celery, spinach and beetroot and is also found in a lot unprocessed sea salt from the Mediterranean.