Our Charcuterie...

At Blackhand we only use rare breed pork, mostly Gloucester Old Spot and Berkshires, which have had a long life. This means that they will tend to have put down a lot more fat and have a much deeper flavour than other intensively reared, shorter lived, non-native herds. From these herds we get our Fennel and wild V-pepper salamis, as well as the Air-dried collars, hard-herb cured loins as well as our Culatellos. These are treated with minimal flavouring as we really want just the flavour of the pork to shine.

However, our products are not just limited to pigs. We have got some great suppliers of lamb, venison and game and have been working with them to create some genuinely unique flavour combinations such as our Lamb + Bay Leaf Chorizo and Muntjac venison with black cardamon saucisson.

If you'd like a full product list, advice on serving charcuterie or if there are any bespoke products you're looking to serve in your business get in touch and let us know how we can help you.