Always easy to ignore and consign to the bin, bacon rinds are an oft overlooked ingredient that I for one am very fond of. Especially as they’re so easy to use. The next time you make a soup let’s say, when it comes to the simmering stage, just throw a few in the water along with your stock veg etc and let them flavour the broth. You can either fish them out pre-blending or leave them in to give a bit of body to the blitzed result. They also great in any braised dishes as they retain a little ‘bit’ to them after cooking. Alternatively, try the recipe below to make them into a snack or a garnish.

Turn the oven up to 220C. Add a little hot water to a deep tray and put it in the bottom of the oven. This steam will improve the overall conduction of heat (this is also a great tip if you’re roasting anything in the oven, just mind out that it’s not TOO steamy as if you go overboard you may end up with a bit of a soggy meal. It takes a little practise to get right but worth the trouble.)
Once the oven is hot enough, place the rinds/skin on wire rack on top of a tray. It’ s helpful to cover the bottom of this with some tin foil to catch any fat that might drip down.
Place this in the oven and 5 minutes later (if your using bacon rinds, whole pieces of skin might take a little longer) you’ll have some nice puffed-up ready-seasoned (the bacon has been through the curing process) little pig sticks! You can either just enjoy these as they are with a beer, or crush them up and use as a textural component to any dish you care to mention.