This is a little video we shot a while ago now when we got a HUGE wessex pig in from North Wales and we couldn’t help but have pork chops for lunch. It’s very easy to try at home, just make sure you buy some good meat!!
1 x Free-range, fatty pork chop, 100g butter, a handful of hard herbs plus some pepper and juniper, salt, tbsp olive oil, a dram of whisky (we used Laphroig but in hindsight something less peaty would have been good) and half a cup of coffee.
If you want to make this an authentic Southern USA style then you’d serve this with ‘grits’ which is basically polenta which is cooked to the consistency of mash potato. A good alternative would be fried potatoes and grilled leeks (that’s what we had anyway). End of the day it’s a pork chop, and will be great with anything!

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