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About us

Blackhand has been established in the creative sector of Hackney Since April 2014 and have been producing salami, saucisson, hams and latterly fresh sausages and bacon ever since. We source our meat from suppliers who care about their animals and only use free range, British, rare breed pork and lamb to make our products, as well as some local game from the surrounding countryside.

From the first piece of meat we ever bought (a hand of pork from a Large Black breed herd, which gave us our company name), we knew that there was something special about UK charcuterie. Here in the UK we're blessed with an environment that's superb for raising animals, and we have some of the highest animal welfare standards anywhere in the world. So why wouldn't we be able to make great charcuterie?!

What we do.

When Blackhand began we concentrated on making the 'classics' that everyone enjoyed like salami with fennel seeds and air-dried collar + loin. But with time we've realized that there's more to our meat culture than classic replication. While we still make the classics, over the years we've begun to explore more of what the UK has to offer including some exceptional lamb and game. This has led us to create some outstanding products with a twist that really set us apart from both other UK producers and those from across the channel. An example of this is our Lamb Chorizo with fresh bay leaves which has firmly established itself one of our customers favourites!



Blackhand manufacture and distribute all of our cured and dried products across the UK. We provide pre-sliced catering packs or whole pieces depending on your requirements. We also have a range of retail packs for shops and delis. We deliver free of charge in person in the London area or organise next day delivery nationwide.

We're a specialist organization that hand make all our products enuring quality and consistency. Whether it's for a tasty sandwich or high end charcuterie board, our unique charcuterie, bacons and sausages will always help our customers stand out from the rest.



Our Location

Black Hand Food Ltd, Unit E1D, South Way
Bounds green industrial estate, London, N11 2UL


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If you would like to get in touch to organise a tasting here with us, set up an account, or just talk a bit more about how we can help your business, do get in touch using the form here.

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